Amy’s approach to providing legal services is guided by seven core principles:

  1. Communicate effectively. Amy strives to cut through the legalese and explain the pertinent legal issues to her clients in plain English.
  2. Minimize risk. Although Benjamin Franklin’s famous statement “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” was said to have been fire-fighting advice, it applies well in the context of legal matters. Amy knows the preventative legal measures that should be taken on the front end to minimize the risk of costly disputes in the future.
  3. Be accessible. Amy understands that legal issues may arise with little notice. She prides herself on returning calls and emails promptly, often within a few hours.
  4. Work efficiently. Amy always aims to develop a plan of action for her clients that works for their timeline and their wallet.
  5. Address each client’s unique needs. Amy knows that a one-size-fit-all approach does not work in the practice of law, especially for creative types. Her services are directed to her client’s unique need based on the client’s state of development within the creative process and their specific goals.
  6. Encourage and respect creativity. Amy understands and appreciates people who think outside of the box. Her ability to connect with creative types is a key reason she decided to focus her law practice on serving creative professionals.
  7. Be honest. Creative professionals may face a wide gamut of legal issues. If a legal matter requires more specialized knowledge, Amy will be upfront with her client and offer to draw from her extensive referral network.
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