Legal Strategy Session for Creatives

A legal strategy session can be a very valuable tool to evaluate your overall approach to protecting yourself, your brand, and your creative work in the entertainment industry. This option is particularly useful for people who are just starting out in the entertainment business and need general guidance.

Legal strategy sessions last for one hour and take place in-person at our office, with phone/video sessions available upon request. (“After Hours” sessions are typically offered by phone only unless scheduled well in advance.) Common situations in which a strategy session would be appropriate:

  • I am a singer-songwriter and I want to release an album. How do I go about protecting my music?
  • I  am an indie filmmaker working on my first feature project. What will I need to do to have clean chain of title for distribution?
  • What kind of legal issues do I need to think about for my new podcast?
  • How do I protect the name of my creative business?

Amy offers a deeply discounted flat rate for this session so that you have the opportunity to discuss your creative endeavor with an experienced lawyer. If we mutually determine that the firm would be a good fit for your legal needs , we will provide a detailed legal representation agreement specifying the scope of the engagement and how much you will be billed for such services.

Schedule Legal Strategy Session

Note: While the firm previously offered free initial consultations, the limited number of working hours and high demand for services meant that free consultations would make it difficult to meet the needs of the firm’s existing clients. Therefore, they have been discontinued.

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