Podcast Counsel

Podcasting is becoming big business. Whether you are publishing a weekly podcast for Spotify or producing a few podcast episodes as a proof of concept to pitch your next docu-series, these audio productions raise a number of legal issues.   

 The firm is familiar with the legal needs of podcasters and available to assist producers with a variety of pertinent contracts such as host agreements, talent/guest releases, artwork agreements (for cover art), composer or music license agreements (for intro music or other soundbed), and work-for-hire agreements for the people creating content for you such as your editor, engineer, or narrator.

Care should also be taken to protect the name of the podcast, which functions as the brand for your podcast production.

If you produce commentary podcasts that incorporate third-party materials (e.g., audio from movie clips, songs,  parts of speeches, lyrics, etc.), fair use analysis of individual podcasts is also available. 

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