The core of Amy’s practice involves counseling musicians, music businesses, and service providers on the legal and business aspects of the music industry. She regularly drafts, reviews, and/or negotiates music industry contracts such as producer agreements; talent representation agreements (managers, publicists, music supervisors); publishing contracts; term recording artist agreements; synch/master use licenses (film, television, gaming, online, mobile); merchandising deals; and distribution deals (physical and digital).

For more information on what types of music law services Amy provides, you can check out her blog post on what music attorneys do.

Film & Television

Amy provides production counsel services to filmmakers, with an emphasis on independent and documentary films. Besides drafting, reviewing, and negotiating the myriad of production contracts required to satisfy insurance providers and distributors, Amy can assist filmmakers with applicable state incentive and union signatory processes.

In addition, Amy is available to assist film and television producers with various pre- and post-production matters such as option agreements (e.g., book, screenplay, life story rights, reality television); co-production agreements; production services agreements; fiscal sponsor agreements; and distribution deals. She also has experience acquiring third party clearance of music and other intellectual property for film, television, gaming, online, and mobile use.

Intellectual Property

Amy represents clients in many other creative and/or project-based fields such as photography, graphic design, literature, gaming, fine art, book/ebook publishing, and website development. Following are a few examples of services Amy provides to such creative professionals:

  • Draft, review, and/or negotiate services agreements
  • Register copyrights and trademarks
  • Prepare licensing and sales agreements
  • Advise clients on personality rights considerations
  • Draft website terms of use and data use permission policies
  • Draft various releases (general, talent, model, minor, artwork, location, liability)
  • Prepare non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements and employee/independent contractor agreements
  • Draft demand or cease & desist letters
  • Mediate disputes

Philosophy & Fees

Click for information on Amy’s fees and philosophy on providing legal services.

Please note that the firm does not currently prepare financing or investor documentation such as a private placement memorandum because such documents involve securities and tax related issues better suited to corporate lawyers.

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