Examples of film and television contracts the firm handles:

Life Story Rights Agreements
Location Agreements
Crew Deal Memos
Option Agreements
Co-Production Agreements
Composer Agreements (Film/TV Score)
Personal Appearance Releases
Music Supervisor Agreements
Synchronization Licenses
Master Use Licenses
Producer Agreements

Director Agreements
Writer Agreements
Extras Release
Actor Agreements
Use of Trademark or Photo Releases
Model Release Forms
Product Placement Releases
Audience Releases
Merchandising Agreements
Work for Hire Agreements
Recording Release Forms

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TIP:  Ask your production team the following questions early on to avoid disputes:
 1. What have you contributed so far?
 2. What do you intend to contribute later?
 3.  What do you expect from the production (money, credit, creative control, etc.)?

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