Examples of music law contracts the firm handles:

Band Agreements
Music Publishing/Administration Deals
Merchandising Deals
Master Use Licenses
Synchronization Licenses
Live Performance/Appearance Agreements
Work for Hire Agreements
Co-Writer/Collaboration Agreements
Distribution Deals (Physical and Digital)
Recording Artist Agreements
Sponsorship Agreements
Promoter Contracts
Song Placement or “Pitching” Agreements
Music Supervisor Agreements
Copyright Licenses/Assignments
Booking Agent Agreements
Publicist Agreements
Compulsory License Notice

Producer Agreements
Management Agreements
Photographer Contracts
Artwork Releases
Broadcast Releases
Trademark Licenses
Wedding Contracts
Music Teacher Contracts
Single Song Agreements
Co-Publishing Agreements
Contestant Agreements
Videographer Agreements
Letters of Direction
Session Musician Releases
Songwriter Agreements
Model Releases
Festival Entertainment Agreements

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